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The Slush Pile

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A community to seek critiques for short fiction and poetry. Polite, but constructive, critism will be given to each entry.

1. Submit only original fiction. There are plenty of great fanfic communities out there already.

2. No flame wars. Period. Critique the work, not the writer.

3. Please limit posts to 10,000 words or less. Longer pieces should be submitted by "chapters".

4. All entries should be posted "friends only". If you want public viewing of your story, feel free to use The Fiction Nook.

5. Format posts with a double space between paragraphs, including dialogue. It makes for easier reading. No fancy font faces, please.

6. Use LJ-CUT for all stories, to save screen space.

7. The moderators are ALWAYS right (in regards to behavior, not necessarily in critiques!)

Activities for the Slush Pile

All activities are voluntary as far as participation. The moderators will not toss you out for being a lurker.

Mechanics of Writing
I will be posting a Writing Discussion topic every Thursday for members. If for some reason I have NOT posted a topic by 6 p.m. CST, anyone can volunteer a topic of their own if they wish. (Sometimes I lose track of the day of the week...)

Applause and Sympathy
On Mondays, I'll start a post for members to report the previous week's writing progress (or lack thereof), submissions, rejection slips, or other writerly needs for applause or sympathy. This may provide encouragement (and cattle prods) to members to keep active with both writing and submitting.

Book Reviews
Please review any non-fiction writing books you wish, whether to tell others not to waste their time/money or to rave that everyone should have one. If possible, try to use an LJ-tag to tag it as a "review" so that they are semi-linked together for easy searching.

Writing Prompts
There are plenty of active prompt communities and websites, but occasionally I will post some sort of writing challenge or prompt, probably tied to issues that come up in Writing Discussions. Example: if members are fighting POV problems, I'll find an exercise to concentrate on that area, whether created by me or another member or taken from a book or website dealing with the issue.

Member Profiles (See this post for profile submission)

Co-Mod: writernici, Pen Name: W. Olivia Race
Publishing credits: "Heat" Scared Naked Magazine, June 2004
Poetry: "Tattoo Me", Scared Naked Magazine, March 2004
Flash Fiction: "The Room Where We Became Me", Salome Magazine

Genres written: I prefer to write dark fantasy, but I'm also dabbling in mystery, science fiction and magic realism based literature. Not much of a fan of straight horror, it's got to really be *different* for me to want to bother with it. You'll get my notice faster with humor than you will with blood and guts--unless it's funny blood and guts.

Genres preferred to critique:I'm not picky in terms of the genre I'd prefer to critique as long as it's written well, grammatical and the writer isn't so touchy that I can't suggest changes without them frothing themselves into a lather--writing is all about contant criticism. You'll either learn it now, or be crushed the first time an editor tells you the bald and glaring truth.

Co-Mod: arkiewriter, Pen Name: S.A. Parham
Publishing Credits:
"Elfsbane", Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue 4, October 2004

Genres written: I write dark fantasy, space opera, and soft science-fiction. Occasionally I branch out and try horror, fairy tales, urban fantasy, or cyberpunk. I like my gorey or erotic elements of my stories to have a purpose other than to shock the reader.

Genres preferred to critique:I will critique just about any genre possible, spec-fic or otherwise, but I do have a harder time with chick lit or children's material other than general overviews such as POV, characterization, and other mechanics. I tend to be a bit blunt, but only because I expect the same open honesty in return when my work is critiqued.

Any published materials: Nothing yet unless you count a poem I did back in 8th grade that was published in a Young America Sings.

Genres written: Uh, not sure what you'd call it. Urban fantasy? Some horror elements?

Genres preferred to critique: I'll critique just about anything. Even the bad stuff if the writer doesn't mind the virtual red pen.