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17 December 2003 @ 02:59 pm
Welcome to The Slush Pile  
Getting your voice heard in a larger community, long established, can sometimes be hard. Cliques exist, after all. But The Slush Pile tries to avoid that sort of interaction, and the moderator (arkiewriter) guarantees that you'll get at least one critique on anything posted here.

The community is meant for stories you intent to actually publish, to get input on the story itself and potentially suggestions for a market to submit to. The stories should be posted "friends only" to the critique group, as posting them openly might be considered "first publication".

However, if you want to announce you've sold a piece (or gotten a rejection letter), feel free to make that a public entry.

Currently the community is open for anyone to join, but to post, you have to have moderator approval. Membership list is checked daily... welcome!